Food Fulfillment Services

Ready to Outsource Fulfillment? Here’s Food for Thought!

Pre-Packaged Food and Beverage Fulfillment

AMS is here to assist your company with expert pre-packaged food and beverage fulfillment capabilities. We have experience serving B2C/B2B channels and are ready to put that experience to work on a bi-coastal basis for your business.

According to Grocery Dive, packaged food and beverages are one of the largest growing CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) and accounted for almost 44% of CPG eCommerce sales in 2021.

Fulfillment companies handling food and beverage products need to follow a strict set of guidelines for material handling, pest control, product storage and lot/expiry tracking. When you partner with AMS Fulfillment for your pre-packaged food and beverages, you partner with a B Corporation that focuses on purpose over profit and knows fulfillment.

AMS is the 3PL that Gets Your Products to Market

When you partner with AMS, you get a proactive team that offers the advice and guidance you need to help achieve your business goals. AMS Fulfillment has the multi-channel capabilities and a vast transportation network to handle your food and beverage fulfillment needs quickly and cost-effectively. We analyze all shipping options and develop the optimal solution based on package weight, product characteristics, and delivery timeframe to ensure that your food and beverage orders arrive in peak condition, on time and at the lowest cost to you.

Our shipping fulfillment services are built around finding you the best rates with the most experienced and reliable carriers in the industry – saving you a significant amount of time and money.

When you choose AMS to be your food fulfillment center, you can expect expert service and reliability in every aspect of what we do. We will be your partner through it all, providing comprehensive guidance and world-class support through our best-in-class client services team.

We’re dedicated to understanding and solving the unique challenges you face every day. Whether you need to deliver crates of cookies, loads of linguine noodles or plenty of peanut butter, you can rely on AMS Fulfillment to get your food and beverages where you want them and when you want them there.

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