Accessories Fulfillment

Our Experience Carries Weight with Our Clients

AMS Is Your True Partner, Not Just an Accessory

AMS has many years of experience in the fulfillment of designer handbags, purses and other accessory items. Our goal is to give our clients and their customers an extremely positive experience. To accomplish this, we take special care to make sure these valuable and often delicate items are packed in a manner that guarantees arrival at their final destination in pristine condition, whether that be a consumer address or a retail brick and mortar location.

We ship to large retailers, boutique retailers, at-home businesses and direct to consumers. We efficiently manage seasonal resets of inventory, seasonal spikes of order activity and returns processing. AMS has managed many hundreds of unique items in the handbag fulfillment category, from small pocketbooks and backpacks to extra-large “diaper bag” size purses.

Our full range of fashion fulfillment services includes:

  • E-commerce/D2C fulfillment: Our fashion e-commerce fulfillment capabilities make serving your online customers easy for you.
  • Wholesale/B2B fulfillment: Make sure retailers are always kept in stock with your hottest items thanks to our fashion and jewelry fulfillment
  • Inventory management: The methodology we use enables us to keep track of hundreds of thousands of SKUs across numerous clients’ operations.
  • Order management: We can be your complete accessory fulfillment center, storing, picking, packing and shipping for you.
  • Returns processing: Let our expertise take this component of customer service off your shoulders as part of our accessories fulfillment

AMS Fulfillment Never Goes Out of Fashion

Packaging is among the biggest challenges in this industry. We understand the importance of quality control, especially with the more expensive items. Presentation is vital in the high-end B2C market. As your handbag and accessory fulfillment partner, AMS stores your products securely, and packs them safely and with the utmost care.

Do you control the purse strings at your company? If so, let us make your fulfillment decision easier. AMS Fulfillment is the proactive operations partner you need. We have the knowledge, tools and expertise to guide you to efficient, cost-effective fulfillment solutions. Because we are a B Corporation, you can be certain we always do what’s right for all our stakeholders. With AMS managing the back end of your business, you are free to focus on your company’s growth.

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