AMS delivers high value support with Supply Chain Operations

Your Partner in Logistics and Shipping

While AMS is a fulfillment company, we understand and support logistics and shipping, and are happy to assist our clients with this important facet of operations. What does AMS deliver with Logistics Support?

  • We understand the intricacies of supply chain logistics.
  • We have professional logistics experts on staff.
  • We have strong alliances with world-class logistics carriers.
  • We understand international shipping and freight.
  • We understand shipping regulations for hazmat and dangerous goods.
  • We have experience in managing supply chain logistics.

Offering Logistics + Fulfillment Services

Since entering the fulfillment industry, the AMS team has been inherently linked to transportation and logistics services. AMS can integrate information, materials handling, packaging, production, inventory, warehousing and transportation. AMS Fulfillment Logistics Services provides innovative, integrated, multi-mode transportation solutions, including:

  • Charter
  • Same day
  • Next day
  • Second day
  • Third day
  • Three- to five-day time-definite
  • Traditional LTL
  • Partial truck moves
  • Full truck
  • Intermodal/rail
  • Dedicated fleet
  • Overseas transportation
  • Clearing and drayage from U.S. ports
  • Corporate relocation

Why Choose AMS Fulfillment for Logistics?

Our years of experience and strong alliances with world-class logistics carriers go a long way toward achieving client satisfaction in transportation. What sets AMS apart from others in this industry is our dedication to client success through our partnership approach.

AMS is proud to act as our clients’ operations arms. We are committed to handling your business needs responsibly while making every effort to save you money and help you achieve a competitive advantage. Together, our supply chain professionals and great partners work with you to provide the highest level of support for your supply chain logistics.

Questions about our services? Ready to get started?