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Order Management System For E-Commerce

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Delivering Technical Expertise

Due to our extensive experience with large-scale product fulfillment for both B2B and D2C orders, we understand order management and order data flow requirements of all types. AMS utilizes multiple integration options to offer a great deal of flexibility to our clients when it comes to implementing an order management system for e-commerce. AMS has seen it all and done it all while managing orders for a wide variety of fulfillment channels and clientele.

The AMS Management team works closely with each client to determine the best approach for managing orders and the flow of order-related data. We collaborate closely with our clients, regardless of how they choose to process their orders. Our technology makes passing order, shipping and inventory data among ERP, accounting, e-commerce, order management and warehouse management systems easy. In addition, our status as a B Corporation means we’re committed to doing the right thing for our stakeholders as well as the environment and the community at large.

Our order management system software supports diverse order types, including:

  • At-once B2B and B2C orders that ship immediately from available-to-sell inventory
  • Routed orders that are held for pickup and shipped within a delivery window
  • Amazon and other drop ship orders that must adhere to strict rules and timing requirements
  • Back order management
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EDI Order Management

AMS Fulfillment will integrate an end-to-end automated solution directly with our clients or perform order processing through a third-party system or a retail partner’s EDI fulfillment portal. We generate UCC/GS1-128 labels, implement retailer routing guides and manage deliveries within prescribed ship windows.

Our EDI order processing transactions include:

  • EDI 850 — A purchase order transaction set, used to place an order for goods or services. The 850 generally provides the same information you would find in a paper purchase order (PO) document, including: item, prices, quantity ordered, shipping details, payment terms and discounts.
  • EDI 997 — Functional Acknowledgement to confirm receipt of the EDI 850
  • EDI 810 Invoice — Replaces the traditional paper-based invoice for EDI order fulfillment
  • EDI 856 Advance Ship Notice — Describes the contents of each shipment and how items were packed
  • EDI 855 Order Acknowledgement — Sent in response to the EDI 850 to confirm you can meet the requirements set in the purchase order
  • EDI 860 Order Change Request — Sent to request an update to the details on the original purchase order


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