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Warehouse Fulfillment System

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Top-Tier Fulfillment Warehouse Management System

Over the last decade, our in-house team of developers built and continued to refine our proprietary internal warehouse management system (WMS) for fulfillment, which we call WAMS. Tools and enhancements have been added based on client feedback received by our Client Services and Operations teams. The result is a flexible, near Tier-1 platform that accommodates the tremendous diversity of requirements of our omnichannel fulfillment warehouse management system.

The problems with off-the-shelf Tier-1 systems are flexibility and a need for rigidity in how inventory must be marked and managed, and these complexities equate to higher costs for client setups and ongoing management/administration. Our e-commerce warehouse management system allows us to offer the features needed for efficient and effective operations management in an environment that is user-friendly, fast and flexible.

The WAMS platform is in a cloud environment (AWS) for quick deployment in new facilities and seamless integration of our warehouse fulfillment system with yours. Real-time data is readily available for in-house management of day-to-day operations activity, as well as through the client dashboard tool, helping our clients operate a successful order fulfillment system.

The strength of our 3PL warehouse management software lies in its functionality and flexibility for B2B and B2C pick-and-pack and overall fulfillment warehouse management operations, including inventory management, receiving and returns. As needs or enhancement opportunities have surfaced over the years, our in-house development team has been able to quickly code and employ extremely useful modifications, such as the easy-to-use user interface that works through hand-held devices.

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WAMS Optimizes Your E-commerce Operations

When you partner with AMS, a B Corporation, you benefit from the advantages that an automation process brings to warehousing:

  • Accurate real-time inventory counts
  • Updated stock listings to move orders faster
  • Less rework, recounting and repackaging
  • Cost-efficiency due to fewer manual tasks
  • Selection of best shipping times and options
  • Visibility into your inventory and shipments
  • Mobile-friendly monitoring and reporting
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