EchoData Group is involved with a variety of outreach activities both locally and internationally. Whether it’s volunteering our time or making valuable financial contributions, EchoData employees help make a difference in improving the lives of others.  If you wish to give to any of these causes, follow the links below.

arise rwanda ministries


Steve Roberts, Owner and Chairman of EchoData, is a board member and active participant in Arise Rwanda Ministries.  ARM is changing lives and transforming communities, in Rwanda, through education, clean water and microfinance.  ARM focuses its mission in several communities in the Boneza Sector (population 22,000) of extremely rural western Rwanda. Located along the shores of Lake Kivu in the fertile, hill region, villagers are primarily agrarian tending their personal gardens for their family food and, for trade, larger plots of tea, coffee, bananas, and potatoes. This beautiful region is rich in human resources but underdeveloped in the areas of water and essential infrastructure. It is to this region that we are bringing our mission, ministry and resources, working with the community leaders for steady sustainable progress.

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JDRF one walk

JDRF One Walk

David Roberts, EchoData’s Vice President of Information Technology and his wife are active supporters of the JDRF One Walk

Each year, JDRF One Walk™ (formerly JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes) brings together more than 900,000 people to change the future of type 1 diabetes (T1D). Many of these people have T1D themselves, and many more are friends, family, or coworkers of someone challenged by this disease. But no matter what their connection is, they walk because they believe in a world where T1D no longer exists — a world where Type One has become Type None.

Please follow this link to donate to Dave’s team:  (tax deductible)

Thanks for your support!

For more information on JDRF please visit:

church in the park logo


Stephanie Clements, tenured Supervisor at EchoData Group, is involved in a community outreach program called “Church in the Park” who meets every Sunday at 9th Avenue and Chestnut Street in Coatesville to provide much needed food, clothing, warm beverages and ministry to underprivileged families.  What began as a program with Simple Church in Baltimore, the weekly outreach was expanded to Coatesville in 2013 and has been growing ever since.

In addition to the weekly outreach, Stephanie and Simple Church of Coatesville are involved in many other initiatives from fundraising to weekly exercise events to fighting against sex trafficking.  This group of people and their care for the less fortunate is amazing and inspiring.

To contribute to this cause, please contact Stephanie or contact the Simple Church (contact info below):

Coatesville-Gap Area

Simple Church834

Northview Dr. Gap, PA 17527

Leadership:Bill & Shirley Gensel



MDA lock up

MDA Lock Up

Heather Mitterer was “Locked Up” in the Lancaster Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) Lock-Up Event.

Event Overview 2014:  On Thursday September 18th, Heather will be “behind bars” representing EchoData, to support the MDA’s mission. A member of the local community will arrive at Echo (New Holland) around 9:45-10:00 am to “arrest her” and take her to the lock-up area in Lancaster city, where she will stay in jail to raise money for “bail”. Rest assured, this is all in good fun and is not meant to alarm anyone. It is staged, planned, and she is a willing participant in the fundraising event.

So, why the heck would do she do this? It is all in an effort to bring local businesses together, have fun with coworkers/friends/family, and promote awareness for Muscular Dystrophy. All funds raised by the MDA Lock-Up will assist the association in providing lifesaving research, build a nationwide network of medical clinics, and develop accessible summer camp experiences for individuals and families affected by neuromuscular diseases.

For more information on MDA and to give visit: