To help our customers more effectively monitor, manage and control the flow of their products throughout the fulfillment process, EchoData delivers eLink, a flexible web-based reporting solution. eLink is your gateway to immediate, accurate information on every transaction we carry out on your behalf. Users connect to eLink through a secure online environment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, bringing real time information on your fulfillment program right to your fingertips.

View Critical Inventory Activity

eLink delivers powerful capabilities to provide you with accurate, up-to-the-minute data on your entire inventory. Robust search and sorting options enable you to drill down into inventory levels even more to analyze fluctuations, track serial and lot numbers, check on expiration dates, and uncover historical and seasonal patterns that will aid your planning processes.

Monitor Customer Orders

eLink offers the ability to view critical customer-order data from the time the order enters into our system all the way through to final shipping. eLink also provides you a “one-click” tracking feature, linking you to the carrier’s web site for specific order status and delivery information.

Generate Customized Real Time Reports

When you need real time data on all facets of your fulfillment program, eLink lets you access it quickly and easily and generate reports in the format of your choice, such as Excel, HTML, text, and others. With eLink’s real time data access capabilities you have a powerful tool to make more-informed decisions related to production requirements and customer buying patterns, while gaining visibility into areas where costs could be reduced.

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