Fulfilling The Needs of Educational Publishers

While digital learning is gaining ground, printed text books and support materials continue to serve as an important component of learning-based products. As the fulfillment partner for several major educational publishers, EchoData understands the unique needs of this industry.

Shipping products to schools and educational institutions can be vastly different compared to traditional wholesale or retail channels. Many schools do not have dedicated receiving departments or standard receiving practices, which can add complexity to the supply chain process.  For example, a teacher may remove textbooks from a shipment without notifying the right contacts resulting in quantity shortages. EchoData employs techniques such as confirming the weights of shipments to account for all materials and ensure quality.

In some situations, shipments may be delivered before schools are back in session and may not have a loading dock or personnel to inspect and verify receipt of goods. EchoData’s strategic relationship with trucking companies who understand the education publishing industry makes the process run more smoothly.

EchoData provides operational support services to our educational publishing customers including:

  • Assembly and shrink-wrapping of custom-design learning kits or bundles
  • Overprint and application of ISBN barcodes to updated materials
  • Printing of support materials to accompany shipments or products
  • Specialized returns processes for products coming back from educational events, conferences or trade shows
  • Custom labeling for boxes showing full, partial or mixed SKU containers
  • Real-time reporting of shipments and returns to ensure notification or tracking of goods.

Choosing a fulfillment partner to manage the logistics of your education and training literature program should begin with a detailed vetting process. Providers who offer expertise in the above areas will ensure a smoother and more predictable supply chain and lower costs associated with customer service or sales issues. Be sure to select a fulfillment partner that will serve as a strategic extension of your company, delivering a high-quality brand experience to your customers.

Posted 11/23/15