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Know Your Dimensional Weight – 2018 Update

It’s been several years since UPS and FedEx began rating Ground packages on the dimensional weight of the shipment. In the past this honor was reserved for oversized shipments, express and other specialty service categories. Read More >

Updated 1/2/2018

5 Ways A 3PL Can Help Companies Operate Profitably

Many businesses see logistics as a cost center rather than a revenue driver. As of late, companies have been pushing logistics providers to become more efficient and reduce costs. However, playing the efficiency game may prove to be less profitable in the long term. Read More >

Posted December 22, 2016

Moving Your Fulfillment Operations Without Downtime

Are you satisfied with the performance of your fulfillment operations? There are many reasons companies choose to switch logistics providers or begin outsourcing. Read More >

Posted November 17, 2016

Managing Inventory 101

Managing and optimizing your inventory levels can be a challenge — whether you’ve had inventory for decades, or are just starting out with a new product. Here are some tips for managing your inventory like a pro, regardless of your current situation. Read More >

Posted June 17, 2016

10 Reasons to Outsource

Today, outsourcing your fulfillment operations has become the rule, not the exception. As competition for consumer dollars continues to rise, companies must find ways to increase sales and market share while cutting costs. There are many ways fulfillment companies can help businesses reduce overhead and shift expenditures into sales and marketing efforts. Below are 10 ways EchoData saves its clients both time and money. Read More >

Posted January 28, 2016

Best Practices in Returns Processing

‘Tis the season for holiday merchandise returns. With online sales at their highest volume ever returns have become a critical component of the supply chain. Both B2B and B2C companies need to ensure a seamless returns process for their customers. Missteps can lead to higher costs and customer dissatisfaction.

Online return percentages can be dependent both the type of product and the company’s returns policy. While the average industry rate is four percent, consumer durable goods can range from two to 10 percent and apparel can be in excess of 20 percent. Read More >

Posted January 12, 2016

Fulfilling The Needs of Educational Publishers

While digital learning is gaining ground, printed text books and support materials continue to serve as an important component of learning-based products. As the fulfillment partner for several major educational publishers, EchoData understands the unique needs of this industry.

Shipping products to schools and educational institutions can be vastly different compared to traditional wholesale or retail channels. Many schools do not have dedicated receiving departments or standard receiving practices, which can add complexity to the supply chain process.  For example, a teacher may remove textbooks from a shipment without notifying the right contacts resulting in quantity shortages. EchoData employs techniques such as confirming the weights of shipments to account for all materials and ensure quality. Read More >

Posted on 11/23/15

Impact of Fulfillment on the Nutraceutical Industry

As the American population ages the demand for nutraceuticals and dietary supplements has increased exponentially. According to a recent study by Transparency Market Research, the global nutraceuticals market stood at $182.6 billion as of 2015 and will rise to $278.9 billion by 2021, exhibiting an average annual growth rate of 7.3 percent.

Coupled with a steady surge of consumers opting for online ordering and home delivery versus traditional retail purchasing, the need for fast, accurate processing and delivery of dietary supplements is paramount to the success of nutraceutical companies. So what should these companies look for when selecting a fulfillment partner? Below are some key areas where a logistics business partner should excel: Read More >

Posted on 11/4/15

Fulfillment’s Role in Q4 eCommerce Success

The holiday season is upon us, and whether you’re a well-established company or a small retail startup, you know the fourth quarter can make or break the sales success of the entire year. With online holiday shopping continuing to experience double-digit growth and mobile sales increasing at an even higher rate, its time to take a serious look at how to improve the eCommerce experience.  Read More >

Posted on 10/27/15