Thank you for visiting EchoData Group!  EchoData is an experienced, full-service fulfillment center that delivers integrated fulfillment, logistics and supply chain solutions to a global customer base.  As a partnership driven company, we want to understand your unique requirements and become a valued resource to your business.


EchoData offers a comprehensive suite of services combining expert order fulfillment, eCommerce integration, logistics solutions, state of the art facilities and real time reporting to deliver a powerful range of solutions.  We improve accuracy, lower costs and drive measurable improvements to your business.

Worker Scanning Package In Warehouse

Order FulFillment

EchoData’s expertise in order fulfillment will get your products to market quickly and at the highest levels of accuracy – supporting shipments directly to consumers, businesses, distributors, schools and retail.

Fulfillment Center


With hundreds of thousands of square feet of fulfillment warehouse space, EchoData can store products in bulk pallet locations, forward pick area shelves or in a secure environment for high value goods.

Trucking Loading Docks


EchoData services the demanding requirements of your retail and channel distribution needs. Our robust warehousing and shipping facilities deliver your products to major retailers, distributors, and resellers.